About Us

Meet Oriana Barsby


Oriana Barsby is the owner and manager of Oracle Mediations.

Oriana is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Australian Mediator Standards Board. Oriana also holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science majoring in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education.

Oriana has experience with blended families and families dealing with conflict. She has worked with separating couples to achieve effective outcomes for their children and property matters. Oriana is passionate about utilising mediation to assist her clients in resolving matters of conflict within a respectful, fair, impartial and supportive environment.

Oriana will:

  • Provide effective mediation services to couples journeying through separation, divorce and co-parenting.
  • Encourage functional ongoing relationships for clients where children are involved.
  • Promote the use of mediation as a a resolution process where both parties feel successful in the outcome.

Oriana offers a range of Family Mediations that can assist your family in moving through conflict and onto a path of functionality and mutual respect.

  • Whether you have decided on a separation,
  • looking to come to an agreement on matters of children and property,
  • looking to resolve conflict within your relationships within your immediate, blended or extended family,

Oriana will be committed to working with you.

Oriana's Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology Major), Griffith University.
  • Graduate Diploma of Primary Education, Queensland University of Technology.
  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resoloution, Mediator Training Academy.
Oriana's Experience

Oriana has gained extensive experience of working with families and children dealing with conflict through a number of roles including:

  • Child Protection Officer, Department of Child Safety (Qld)
  • Community Visitor, Commission for Children and Young People (Qld)
  • At Risk Home Support Officer, Bradford Family Services, (UK)
  • Primary School Teacher, Department of Education (Qld) and (NSW)

Benefits of mediating with Oracle Mediations

settle promptly

Settling promptly allows you and your ex-spouse to find redirection in your now separate lives. It also gives your children redirection and re-establishes their stability. This, in turn, reduces the impact your separation has on your children.

saves you money

It provides an opportunity for you and your ex-partner to agree to the terms of your settlement without the exorbitant costs of lawyers. Sharing this money between you and your ex-partner, instead of a third party, is a smarter and more beneficial option.

gives you control

It may seem like everyone has advice to give about your rights, what you should walk away with, or their past experiences. You and your ex-spouse ultimately have control over your own process and outcomes. Mediation gives you the option to do it your way without suggestive influences. It allows you to stay focused on what is important to you and reach agreements on such matters that are fair, equitable, child focused and maintainable for your future.

retain a functional relationship

Choosing mediation can be less destructive to your relationship. It helps develop communication and lets you talk and make decisions from your heart, to focus on needs instead of demands. When someone with an agenda is doing the taking for you, your needs and what matters, can be lost. You can get lost in the fight instead of the solution. Oracle Mediations allows you to stay focused on suitable solutions and achieve manageable outcomes.