Oracle Mediations aims to achieve outcomes fostering a positive, post-separation lifestyle that has a high level of functionality for all parties. Mediation is effective for deciding on matters involving the immediate and future care arrangements for your children along with your property and asset division. The mediation process provides you and your ex-spouse a respectful and supportive environment where difficult conversations on conflictual issues can be addressed. A section 60I certificate can be issued and is required for parties disputing matters involving their children and willing to proceed to Court for their decisions to be made. Oracle Mediations mediates under the requirements of the Family Law Act and assists parents in staying child focused with outcomes that provide the child the opportunity to maintain a significant and meaningful relationship with both parents.

  • Foster a positive post-separation relationship whereby you can work together to co-parent and raise your children.
  • Develop future focused and manageable outcomes.
  • Redefine expectations and post separation roles and responsibilities.
  • Maintain control of the outcomes, instead of paying a third party to negotiate on your behalf.


Are you scheduled to mediate with another mediator? Want to get the most out of your mediation by talking through what you want to focus on, what outcomes you want to achieve and what your comfortable negotiating on? A pre-mediation consult can help you to clarify in your own thoughts, what is important to you and how you can work towards achieving this during your mediation.

  • Prioritise your topics for discussion.
  • Define the outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Determine what you are willing to negotiate on.
  • Understand the mediation process.

Co-Parenting Session

This session assists you and your ex-spouse to facilitate your co-parenting expectations. Firstly, an individual session occurs followed by a joint session. During the joint session you and your ex-spouse develop strategies to manage as co-parents and discuss how to limit the emotional and mental impact separating has on your children. How well your children adjust to their new circumstances is ultimately the responsibility of you as their parents. Working together to achieve this for your children needs to be at the forefront of the many decisions you and your ex-spouse make. Learning how to support each other as co-parents will provide your children with an environment that fosters security for your child. A secure environment reduces potential issues for your child around anger, anxiety and depression and provides an environment for them to feel comfortable talking about and managing their emotions around sadness, grief, loss, guilt, blame, frustration and anger. Effective co-parenting will also benefit the relationship your child has with both their parents.

  • Provide a positive co-parenting environment so your child has a happy, stable and secure childhood.
  • Reduce the emotional impact the separation has on your children.
  • Address post-separation emotions for you and your ex-spouse and develop ways to positively move through these.
  • Develop expectations and strategies to effectively and successfully co-parent.


Having issues in your relationship but struggling to find the right time and place in your busy life schedule to talk about them? Maybe when you try to discuss them things become complicated? Mediation can assist you and your partner in communicating with each other, understanding your partners perspective and have your perspective heard and understood.

  • Work through conflicts.
  • Discuss possible solutions.
  • Feel heard and understood.
  • Topics discussed are at the discretion and control of you and your partner.


A blended family comes with complex dynamics. With the pressures of a blended family there can often be reoccurring issues that place stress on the relationships in your family. Oracle Mediations can help. Whether the issues are between parents, step siblings, half siblings or a combination; mediation can assist in working through the complexities in your family. Blended Family Mediation can assist with such issues as establishing expectations and boundaries, developing effective and pro-active communication styles, understanding individual’s priorities, financial matters and developing family roles.

  • Discuss reoccurring conflicts.
  • Develop possible solutions.
  • Define roles and expectations.
  • Structure financial responsibilities.


Issues with family members? Maybe struggling with a teenager, sibling or parent? Mediation can help work out a plan that adapts to both parties needs so that harmony and balance can be achieved in your family.

  • Talk through family conflicts.
  • Reach solutions that cater to the individual and family.
  • Define roles and expectations.
  • Enhance communication and understanding.